Replit is a simple yet powerful online IDE, Editor, Compiler, Interpreter, and REPL. Code, compile, run, and host in 50+ programming languages.

Currently I often use Replit as a code editor to create simple programs or collaborate, especially in the collaboration section. I Love it how easy I can use it, in this website I can create program, create commit, and of course create unit testing. I don’t need to do any settings before coding, just choose what programming language you want to use and BOOM everything has been made, we just need to start coding.

In Replit you can import your repository from github, we can create database too in there, and easy to invite our patner to collab.

Mungkin kata-kata coding interview bagi para calon engineer sebagian pasti sudah tidak asing lagi nih, kalau misalnya kita melamar pekerjaan di suatu perusahaan biasanya beberapa perusahaan akan melakukan coding interview. …

This is my last week's reflection for participant #Generasigigih. In this final reflection they want me to reflect on how I have grown and develop my self in the sort 6 weeks.

As a front-end student, what did I know 6 weeks ago and what do I know now?


A couple of weeks ago, Tim Gigih asked us to give them 1 question to ask our friends who participate in GenerasiGigih, and here 3 questions from the list.

Do you become more confident to become what you aspire to be after joining GenerasiGIGIH?

Yes of course I’m more confident…

Hello folks, today I will share my journey in Generasi Gigih. It’s already 1 Month since I participate in #GenerasiGigih level Intermediate.

How do you feel about your score so far?

I’m feeling shock, amazed and proud when Tim Gigih show the leaderboard, because I can’t believe I’m in the…

Hello guys, this is my three weeks’ experience at #GenerasiGigih and I will write down my experience with questions and answers like my first and second weeks before.

How do you feel? If you could describe your experience these past 3 weeks in a natural event, what would it be?

Hello guys, this is my two weeks’ experience at #GenerasiGigih and I will write down my experience with questions and answers like my first weeks before.

How much did you know about the subject before we started?

Know enough, because I will try to explore the subject first and if…

I will write down my experience with questions and answers so that you will understand what I feel and think.

Hallo teman-teman pada artikel kali ini saya akan memperlihatkan cara membuat react app dan bagaimana cara menyimpannya ke github. Tapi pertama-tama kita harus tahu nih apa itu Github ? apa itu Git ? dan apa itu React?

Apa itu Github ?

Github merupakan manajemen project, sistem versioning code, sekaligus platform jaringan sosial bagi para…

Hallo teman-teman pada artikel kali ini saya ingin membagikan ilmu yang saya dapat saat mengikuti webinar di Generasi Gigih tahapan pertama.

Sebelum itu mari kita bahas terlebih dahulu apa sih itu Generasi Gigih? lalu kenapa saya tertarik untuk mengikuti program ini? dan apa saja maanfaat ketika saya mengikuti program ini?

Apa itu Generasi Gigih ?

Dwi Pasca Nursanti

Web developer and Javascript enthusiast.

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