Week 5 Reflection at #GenerasiGigih

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Gigih asked us to give them 1 question to ask our friends who participate in GenerasiGigih, and here 3 questions from the list.

Do you become more confident to become what you aspire to be after joining GenerasiGIGIH?

Yes of course I’m more confident after joining program #GenerasiGigih because I’m sure my basic in frontend especially in ReactJS strong enough to explore more challenges in the future.

What kind of future self do you want yours to be? How will GenerasiGIGIH help you to become your future self?

I want to become a front-end engineer and after 3 or 4 years after becoming a front-end engineer I will change to a back-end engineer. #GenerasiGigih help me how I set my future, like how to design my resume, how to prepare for interviews in the company, how to set our future in IDP (Individual Development Plan), give us courses online to learn English in Cakap, and of course, they teaching us the Hard-skill (front-end path) from engineers Gojek, Gopay, etc.

What is your effective method of learning? Especially during virtual learning classes.

My effective method is doing my best in my homework. Because I know if I’m just learning in class and doing a little practice, it’s will not be enough, so yeah I spend all my time working hard on my homework. Explore something new, see the coding from other participants on Github, how they do their homework, do they use best practices like clean code? and clone how they approach solving problems if they have the best way.

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